DriversBoost's Guidelines

Last Revised: Thursday, February 1, 2024 12:00 AM


A - Service Usage

This include all services you use for DriversBoost purpose.

A.1 - Account Creation
Users must create an account to access certain features of the DriversBoost platform. Accounts must be created with accurate and up-to-date information.

A.2 - Account Security
Users are responsible for the security of their accounts. Protect your personal data and the data of others. Do not share sensitive information such as passwords, personal identification numbers, or financial details but not limited to, in public channels or with unauthorized individuals. Passwords are used in a way to update data from your account or confirm important changes.

A.3 - Sanction Evading
Attempts to evade disciplinary actions by creating alternate accounts or engaging in deceptive practices will result in more severe penalties, including permanent bans from the Discord server and all other services on Trust & Safety's discretion.

B - Community

We realistically understand that with over 7 billion people on this planet, it's not feasible to force everyone to like each other. Each person has their own way of being and their own opinions, which can lead to differences between two or more individuals. However, DriversBoost aims to be a community that brings everyone together, transcending the characteristics mentioned below. We are here for the passion of gaming, the love for virtual trucking, fostering peace and love that resides within each of us.

B.1 - Harassment
In adherence to our community guidelines, we strictly prohibit any endorsement, organization, or participation in any form of harassment. This includes but is not limited to actions that involve promoting, coordinating, or engaging in behaviors that may cause harm, discomfort, or distress to other community members. We are committed to fostering a respectful and inclusive environment, and any violations of this rule will be subject to appropriate disciplinary measures to maintain a positive community atmosphere for all.

B.2 - Hate Speech
Hate speech, including language or expressions that promote discrimination, harassment (B.1), or violence based on race, gender, religion, nationality, sexual orientation, or any other protected characteristic, is strictly prohibited. Members engaging in hate speech will face immediate disciplinary action, ranging from warnings to immediate permanent bans, depending on the severity and/or frequency of the offense. DriversBoost is committed to maintaining a diverse, inclusive, and welcoming environment for all members. Any reports or concerns related to hate speech should be promptly reported to moderators for appropriate action.

B.3 - Threatening
Members are strictly prohibited from threatening to harm another individual or group of people. This includes any form of direct or indirect threats, whether verbal or written. Such behavior undermines the inclusive and welcoming atmosphere we aim to cultivate.

B.4 - Violent Extremism
Members are strictly prohibited from organizing, promoting, or supporting violent extremism. This includes any activities, discussions, or content that endorse or incite violence, terrorism, or extremist ideologies.

B.5 - NSFW
The sharing or posting of Not Safe for Work (NSFW) content, including explicit, adult, or sexually suggestive material, is strictly prohibited. This includes text, images, links, or any other form of communication that may be considered inappropriate for a work or public environment.

B.6 - Epilepsy-Inducing
Members must refrain from sharing or promoting content that may induce seizures or trigger epileptic episodes. This includes flashing lights, intense visual effects, or any other stimuli known to provoke seizures in individuals with epilepsy.

B.7 - Inappropriate Content
Any reference related to drugs, other illegal substances, pornographic or sexual content, or otherwise illicit matters is strictly prohibited. This includes discussions, images, links, or any form of communication that may be deemed inappropriate or offensive.

B.8 - Extreme Political Vision
Discussing or expressing extreme political views is not permitted. We aim to maintain a positive and inclusive environment, and political discussions that may lead to divisiveness or hostility are discouraged.

B.9 - Respect
All members are expected to treat each other with respect at all times. Disparaging remarks, insults, or any form of disrespectful behavior towards other community members will not be tolerated.

B.10 - Constructive Opinion
Engage in constructive communication and discussions. Disagreements are natural, but they should be approached with maturity and respect. Personal attacks or insults have no place in the DriversBoost community.

B.11 - Backseat Moderation
Backseat moderating refers to non-moderator members attempting to enforce rules or dictate disciplinary actions within the community. While community involvement is encouraged, moderating duties are reserved for designated "moderators" (Trust & Safety).

B.12 - Piracy Posting malicious links and post IP Loggers/Grabbers is not permitted and would lead to an immediate permanent ban if a violation of this kind is happening.

C - Virtual Trucking Company (VTC)

Guidelines for Virtual Trucking Company (VTC) interactions within the DriversBoost community. DISCLAIMER: If we observe that a person of high rank (upper staff) in a Virtual Trucking Company has violated this guideline, the user account and/or the Virtual Trucking Company page could be subject to sanctions. We reserve the right to remove or sanction your Virtual Trucking Company from DriversBoost at any time.

C.1 - Responsible Management
Virtual Trucking Companies (VTCs) Management are responsible for the actions and behavior of their Virtual Trucking Companies.

C.2 - Professional Conduct
Virtual Trucking Companies (VTCs) are expected to maintain professional conduct. This includes respectful communication, adherence to community guidelines, and fostering a positive environment for their members.

C.3 - Hierarchical Abuse
Abuse of hierarchical power within VTCs is strictly prohibited. Leaders and management must treat all members with fairness, respect, and professionalism. Any form of mistreatment, coercion, or manipulation of power is considered a violation of this guidelines.

C.4 - Collaboration with DriversBoost Staff (PARTNER ONLY)
Every Virtual Trucking Company (VTC) partnered with DriversBoost is required to collaborate with the DriversBoost team. Cooperation includes responding to inquiries, providing necessary information, and addressing concerns related to safety and community well-being.

Any company unwilling to collaborate with the DriversBoost team may face sanctions affecting their standing within the DriversBoost community.

Changes to this guidelines

We may update our guidelines from time to time. We will notify you of any changes by posting the new guidelines on this page. You are able to review the changelog at any time here.

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