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Experience the journey to excellence with DriversBoost, where each career drive is a voyage toward unparalleled success. Join our dynamic team and propel your professional path to new heights in the world of virtual transport innovation.

Launched in 2023

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Team work

Embracing teamwork, cooperation, and mutual support among our members to create a positive and inclusive virtual workplace.


career.Striving for excellence in virtual transport services, continuously improving our skills, and delivering exceptional performance for the performance of VTCs.


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What we values

We care about our people.

We are committed to providing a supportive and inclusive work environment that values diversity and fosters a sense of belonging.

  • Integrity
  • Craftsmanship
  • Perseverance
  • Empathy
  • Courtesy
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Current or Planned openings

If you haven't discovered a suitable position yet, fret not. Await an opportunity that aligns with your profile, and when it arises, submit your application. Your perfect fit may be just around the corner.

General Questions

Our current job openings are regularly updated on our Careers page. Please check back frequently for the latest opportunities.

Our recruitment process is designed to ensure fairness and transparency. By accepting applications only when there is a specific job opening, we can evaluate candidates based on a standardized selection and competitive criteria. This approach allows us to identify the most qualified individuals who closely match the requirements of the available positions. We appreciate your understanding and encourage you to monitor our Careers page for the latest opportunities.

While experience in virtual trucking or gaming is beneficial, it is not always a requirement. However, we may look at your in-real life experiences or studies. We encourage individuals with a passion for our projects and relevant skills to apply, regardless of their virtual trucking background.

Yes, English is the primary language used in our workplace. But we also look at any additional languages depending of our recruitment standards. Proficiency in English is essential for effective communication and collaboration with team members and partners.

In DriversBoost, we believe in creating a fair and unbiased hiring process for all candidates. To ensure this, we have implemented a semi-automatized exam testing system that objectively assesses a candidate's skills and qualifications for the job.

This system eliminates any potential human bias or subjectivity and ensures that each candidate is evaluated based solely on their abilities and fit for the position.

For manually assessed exams, they are created by the Human Resources Training & Development Department, and the corrections are carried out by them as well. This department is responsible of the correction for manual assessed exams, who must adhere to the instructions rigorously. However, when they are looking to a specific result of tests, they do not see any user information in order to not compromise the results of the test with "personal emotion". Failure to comply may result in an audit by the Directorate Human Resources and Project Management Department.

Additionally, we regularly review and audit our exam testing system to ensure it is up-to-date.

Our goal is to provide a level playing field for all candidates and to make sure that each hire is based on merit and not on any factors that may result in discrimination.

It depends on the position you are applying for. If you are applying for a position that involves a conflict of interest with your current project, we may not be able to consider your application. However, if there is no conflict of interest, you are welcome to apply and be part of the DriversBoost team.

Our recruitment process is designed to be fair, transparent, and efficient.

  • 1. Read Job Details

    This step is crucial to ensure that you have a clear comprehension of what the job entails and the skills required to excel in the role. The job details typically include specific qualifications and skills expected from potential candidates that may fits to your profile. By thoroughly reading these details, you can assess whether your background, expertise, and capabilities align with the requirements of the job.

  • 2. Writing & Submit Your Application

    Once you have a clear comprehension of what the job entails and the skills required, and you feel you are ready, the next step in the recruitment process is to "Writing & Submit Your Application." This phase involves completing the designated application form to formally express your interest in the position.

    Some application forms include specific questions related to the position or the project. Answer these questions thoughtfully, demonstrating a clear understanding of the role and how your skills align with the requirements. Review your application before submission to ensure all information is accurate and complete. Pay attention to details such as spelling, grammar, and formatting. Once you are satisfied with your application, submit it. Be mindful of any application deadlines and ensure your submission is within the specified timeframe.

  • 3. General & Specific Exams

    The 'General & Specific Exams' stage in the DriversBoost recruitment process involves a comprehensive evaluation of candidates' general skills and specific knowledge related to the applied position. Candidates undergo assessments that may include general competencies like communication and problem-solving, as well as specific skills relevant to specific job positions (E.g: Traffic Laws). Those tests are made on the website, and candidates are expected to manage their time effectively. WARNING: Some tests contain a time limit.

  • 4. Interview

    After completing the required assessments, the next step in the recruitment process involves scheduling an interview. Please provide five possible dates and times when you are available for the interview. The interview will be conducted on Discord and will be in written format. Once your availability is received, you will be invited to a dedicated Discord server for the interview.

    In a specific Discord server, the participants will include:

    • You with your esteemed presence.
    • A Human Resources Recruitment & Selection. (INTERVIEWER)
    • Potentially the concerned manager or supervisor of the position. (INTERVIEWER)
    • A Human Resources Training & Development.
    • Potentially, their respective managers or supervisors.

    Upon completion of the interview, you will receive confirmation of whether it was successful or unsuccessful. However, immediate results will not be provided. The outcomes will be documented by the Human Resources Recruitment & Selection Consultant, and a validation of the points raised by them will be conducted by the Human Resources Training & Development.

    If the points are not validated, whether positive or negative, by the Human Resources Training & Development Department due to concerns over potential misconduct by the Human Resources Recruitment & Selection (such as rigged interviews, discrimination, corruption, etc.), the interview will be re-conducted by the Chief Executive Officer himself or someone part of the Project Management Department, with the assistance of the Human Resources Manager and a Human Resources Training & Development. Sanctions will be imposed on those involved in facilitating or discriminatory behavior.

  • 5. Recruitment Committee & Deliberation

    Following the interview, the Recruitment Committee will convene to deliberate on the candidate’s performance and suitability for the position. The committee will review the interview results, exam scores, and other relevant information to make an informed decision. The committee consists of the Human Resources Recruitment & Selection, the Human Resources Training & Development, and the respective manager or supervisor of the position. Based on the points earned, candidates will fall into one of three categories: "No Go," "Deliberable," or "Go.".

    Indeed, based on various assessments and your application, you accrue points, which are then converted into percentages. For each test, a minimum percentage is required to avoid reassessment or an immediate "No Go." At the conclusion of the examens phase, the percentages from each test are aggregated, resulting in an overall percentage score. It is important to note that your overall score is benchmarked against others. You are ranked among your peers, and the higher your total score, the higher your position in the ranking, thereby increasing your likelihood of selection.

    • Green & Go: You have been assessed and earned points that we deem commendable/sufficient for potential selection, making you successful candidates. However, being part of the Green & Go does not guarantee automatic employment. The final decision depends on the available vacancies. For instance, if there are six vacancies and 20 candidates marked as "Go", the first six will be accepted. The remaining candidates will be placed in a recruitment reserve with immediate priority. Another recruitment session will not be scheduled until all "Go" statuses are filled within the team.
    • Orange & Deliberative: You have successfully completed all the tests or some tests but are at the borderline of failure. The overall score does not reach 55%, placing you in the "Deliberable" category. During the committee review, a decision will be made regarding the status of your application. It may either progress to "Go" if we recognize potential despite the absence of significant success in the exams, or it may move to "No Go" if, in addition to the unfavorable points, your profile does not align with our criteria.
    • Red & No Go: Unfortunately, you have experienced a significant failure or encountered multiple failures in the tests, placing your overall score below the minimum threshold. However, this does not mean that these points are final. You still have opportunities in the future. In the next session, you will have the chance to start afresh and truly demonstrate your potential. "Success is not final, failure is not fatal: It is the courage to continue that counts." - Winston Churchill

    The final decision will be final and unchangeable. If you are not satisfied of the results and feel it is unfair, you can create a feedback ticket.

    NOTICE: Your recruitment status may be subject to change based on your behavior, within DriversBoost.

    We also want to inform you that you may potentially be placed on a blacklist if, but not limited to, you have omitted certain information, provided false information despite your declaration of honesty, or exhibited inappropriate behavior within our platforms or the platforms we utilize.

  • 6. Signature & Onboarding

    Have you been selected? Congratulations to you! You should have received a PDF by email containing a summary of all your tests, along with a request to contact the Human Resources Recruitment & Selection Department to finalize your contract and onboarding process.

    You will have to sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) and a contract. The NDA is a legal document that protects confidential information shared during your time at DriversBoost.

    Once the NDA is signed, you will be assigned to your team but will undergo a training program. The duration of the training will be specified in the job details. The content of the training will be provided in due course. Please note that the training may be evaluative. However, we address any shortcomings, aiming to teach you clearly and precisely. We take the time with you, offering a retest when you feel prepared. The results are then documented in a downloadable certificate signed by the Human Resources Manager, Human Resources Training & Development Supervisor, your Manager and the Chief Executive Officer. This certificate serves as evidence of your skills, provides a sense of accomplishment as efforts are always rewarded, and allows you to showcase your abilities to another VTC or/and project if you decide to leave us in the future.