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DriversBoost is a groundbreaking project aimed at creating a dynamic and supportive environment for Virtual Trucking Companies (VTCs) and talents alike. Our mission is to streamline recruitment, provide career development opportunities, and offer a comprehensive guide for navigating the virtual trucking companies simulation.

A brief history

At Present

Restructuration & Open to public

Due to the website design taking an excessive amount of time, considering Caernage as the sole developer within the team, we opted for a change in strategy. This involved restructuring the Discord to serve as a temporary "recruitment agency." Additionally, the website was completely reset to restart the project from scratch.




From this crucial date onwards, we made the decision to publish the "unfinished" website, even though Caernage is meticulous about details. Consequently, we purchased the familiar web domain, "driversboost.eu." We also opted to expand the team. Substantial progress was made, with the creation of "the form builder" standing out as a significant milestone.



Discord Guild

This pivotal date marked the launch of the public Discord server, designed to welcome individuals after the website creation had been completed.



Launched DriversBoost

The inception of DriversBoost took place discreetly to keep the project under wraps, especially when there was nothing concrete in place. With a keen eye for detail, The CEO, Caernage, began to structure the project and assemble a team.


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Chief Executive Officer


Project Manager

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